10 januari 2013

Back to work

After two sunny weeks in Spain with good food, beautiful sights and even a bit of spinning I'm back at work again.

It's cold outside and today we even had a bit of a snowstorm in the afternoon. Nice to look at and nice to be out in as long as you are well dressed. I did not have enough wool on me, but I was not outside for long. 

But at home this lovely parcel has been waiting for me all the time I've been away and now I can't wait to start dying. There is so much wool to choose from, so many different kinds and shades it's hard to know where to begin. 

But first there's a lot of boring unpacking to do...

2 kommentarer:

Cecilia sa...

Du såg fantastiskt pigg och fräsch ut igår! Förutom då att du var lite trött. :-)
Härligt paket, ha det härligt!

Mia sa...

Spinnrocken med på semester, du är jammen inbiten spinnare :) Men så har du ju inte rent lite ull att se fram mot att spinna då, ser ut att vara ganska många kilo. Nu får du gosa med både färger och ull :)