14 december 2012


It's been hard for me to sit still today. Yesterday it was decided that I will be a part of "Stickfest i vast" exhibiting and selling my wool on the market square during the weekend of 16th - 17th of March next year.

It's so exciting!!!

And so much to prepare and plan - Banner to make, wool to dye, yarn to spin - I just love it.

Started this morning by ordering a big bunch of wool from England so it will be here when we get back from Spain. I'd better enjoy my leisure for the next three weeks for after we get back It'll be all work and no play. Well acctually, dyeing wool is play and a lot of fun, but it takes time...

And also I will be there for the entire weekend. I've only participated in a workshop or two before and only made a daytrip of it. This year it will be in Gottskars hotell, beautifully situated by the sea about 40km south of Gothenburg. It'll be lovely whatever the weather.

I'm so looking forward to this.

Time to and put some wool in the dye pot - see you :-)


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