30 oktober 2013


Tomorrow it's Halloween - Samhain. In the old days a time for change, marking the end of the old year and the birth of a new one. Today a time for trick and treats. 

In Sweden we don't really have a tradition of celebrating Halloween but I like the idea of closing the year and embracing the darker quieter season ahead, a season with time to spinn, knit and create. 

So to mark the changes of seasons I will be hosting a trick or treat Halloween pot luck sale :-) out with the old, making space for the new. 

At noon Swedish time (CET) I will be posting a trick or treat listing in the shop  - Enjoy

28 oktober 2013

News and updates

It's been a while - again :-) 

I have been doing some dying...

My last  yarn and fiber show for this year...

Some knitting....(and surgery -Hallux valgus)

And some planing :-)

I have some wool in my big boxes under the bed that's been around for maybe one show too many by now and since they are getting slightly fuzzy around the edges I would like to put these on sale. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them but they feel like moving out in to the world now.

So I'm planing a pot luck sale at great bargain prices, 50% off, but with one little twist - you don't get to choose the fibres - they will be a great surprise. You can wish for a colour and if possible I will do my very best to accommodate this wish, but fist come - first served applies...

I need another day or two to get all set, but by Thursday afternoon (Swedish time)  it will be on. I'll let you know here and on Facebook what exact time...